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Love In Portofino
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Who are Beachcrimes? We’re a duo from LA and we spent the last year making songs in hotel rooms around the world. Beachcrimes is the soundtrack to that adventure.

We made a lot of songs, and we’re excited to share them. All of them. This year we’re releasing 24 songs in 48 weeks. If we’re being real, it’s actually two albums – there’s AM and there’s PM. AM is the lite stuff, PM is the nite stuff. Think of it like the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, but for dance music.

“Love In Portofino” is the 6th gem in the crown of our 24-song opus, and the third single from our AM album. Crafted in the picturesque town of - you guessed it - Portofino, Italy, we couldn’t resist interpolating a classic Italian love song as we watched the sunset over the bay. We sampled the street sounds of the town and added it as ambience under the entire track (you can hear it clearly at the very end). We guarantee this will be your parents’ favorite Beachcrimes song. And it might just be ours too.

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