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Words from jaakp4w: "I spend most of my time indoors making music.. this one I wrote while spending time with my new kitten, Pacha. Dude literally lays on my keyboard and accidently hits a key... and it was perfect. It hit the main percussive element that eventually turns into a lead and thats when I knew I had something special. Special thanks too all the people who helped me get to my first release up smoothly, with tons more banked for the future <3 Special shout to both Robs at SOKAN Games for all the support. <3 I love you guys <3 "

Song Description: Prepare to embark on a 7m journey through the pulsating realms of techno with "Pacha" by jaakp4w. "Pacha" is a sonic testament to jaakp4w's mastery of the genre. It kicks off and sets the stage immediately. Slowly building anticipation.. As the track unfolds, a relentless and infectious groove takes over, driving the listener deeper into the heart of the music. BPM: 135 Genre: Techno

Release Information: Catalogue No: P4WN001 Release: pAchA Artist: jaakp4w Release Type: Single Tracks: 01 Duration: 07:15 Release Date: September 08, 2023 ©℗2023 p4wnshop records.

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