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Release Description: Introducing ‘Chrome Widow’ by Rhyot, a powerful and gritty electro house single that delves into the dark and distorted realms of sound. Released under Rhyot's own Emercive Recordings imprint, this track sets the stage for an intense and action-packed journey, drawing inspiration from a futuristic underground mercenary character by the same name. ‘Chrome Widow’ drives with unrelenting grit, captivating listeners with its heavy mid-paced tempo and atmospheric textures, immersing them in a cyberpunk-themed experience. This exciting track defiantly challenges commercial norms, leaving its distinct mark on anyone who ventures into its sonic world.

About Rhyot: Rhyot (pronounced "riot") is an American-Canadian electronic musician known for his dark, cinematic, and dystopian style. Drawing influence from a variety of genres, including techno, electro, industrial, alternative, and progressive, Rhyot creates evocative and captivating dance music that immerses audiences and inspires expression.

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About Emercive: Emercive (pronounced 'immersive') is a Canadian independent record label launched in 2018 by electronic music artist Rhyot. With the values of open-ended originality and boundless creativity at its core, Emercive was designed to serve as the synapse at which rising artists share their music and ideas across a narrowed gap to new and expanding audiences.

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Release Information: Catalogue No: EMRCV035 Release: Chrome Widow Artist: Rhyot Release Type: Single Tracks: 01 Duration: 04:21 Release Date: September 08, 2023 ©℗2023 Emercive Recordings Limited. Emercive Music Publishing Canada

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