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user_DATAP3: “gm CHAT_PGT™, I need your assistance in crafting a dope and short description for my first music release on Sound.”

CHAT_PGT™: “Sure! Let me know.”

user_DATAP3: “Here are the details:

  • This is DATAP3's debut track, a limited 69 NFT release.

  • Some tokens are reserved for frens, others available to the public.

  • This song has some rewards and also serves as a ticket to future whitelists for selected DATAP3 projects.

  • DATAP3 frens at have been working on a music video for a song that will be released in the future, an Oncyber club for dj sets and some collab parties with web3 artists, gaming music experiences in places like Fortnite, and have already built some prototypes using Improbable's MML.

  • More music is on the way! Join me, buy this music NFT, become part of a great music collector community and enjoy some parties in the metaverse.

  • DATAP3 is based on æ (Twitter: @aeaea81) ape, Bored Ape Yacht Club #2652

  • Remember to follow DATAP3 on Sound!

  • And finally: DATAP3 reads as THAT_APE.

Again, make this as concise as possible so we attract music lovers that are expecting some fun.”

CHAT_PGT™: “Certainly, this is the most concise way to explain this to your future collectors:


user_DATAP3: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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