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collection avatarMark de Clive-Lowe - Smoked Something

Smoked Something is a chance to take a deep breath in and relax, unwind and zone out. An instrumental head-nod jazz vibe cooked up in the middle of the night imagining Dilla, George Duke and Herbie sharing a bowl...

performed, programmed, produced by MdCL

It's always special to share the music with you, and this time there's a little more to this drop - it's the first of 8 drops (!) for [$BUYBACK Emerald] with Mashibeats - the web3 music-creator community I founded. We're taking this opportunity to invite you as a music NFT collector, to be part of our community.

There's two goals in mind for [$BUYBACK Emerald].

GOAL 1: increase governance membership of Mashibeats

  • every collector of this NFT can claim an airdrop of 35 $BUYBACK, representing governance in Mashibeats

GOAL 2: building the community treasury which $BUYBACK holders have voting power over

  • 70% of funds from this drop go directly to the Mashibeats treasury. Over the 8 drops we aim to raise up to 5 ETH, to then have community join in making proposals for $BUYBACK holders to vote on.

Holders also curate and A&R by way of voting - our recently released remix contest winners vinyl and NFTs having been all decided by $BUYBACK members - curation by community ❤️

After collecting (thank you! and welcome!), head over to

Headsup - each subsequent drop in this series of 8 will be a smaller edition batch, with a +0.01 increase in price and an increase in $BUYBACK claimable. And we're working on something special for collectors who collect all 8 of the drops !

shout out to the fam @RedbudNFT - you know you gotta Smoke Something x

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